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Where can I find the best restaurants in Ajax?

If you interested in the best restaurant  in Ajax? Then you have come to the right place.

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Recommended by several in the community.

Here is the best restaurant in Ajax

Symposium Cafe Restaurant & Lounge

Get Symposium Caf Restau for Delivery or Pickup
Address: 338 Rossland Rd E, Ajax, ON L1Z 0K4
Reservations: symposiumcafe.com
Phone: (905) 683-3232

Casa Verde Ristorante

Light-filled Italian eatery in a heritage home with a charming patio.
Address: 49 Old Kingston Rd, Ajax, ON L1T 3A5
Menu: casaverderestaurant.ca
Phone: (905) 428-6243

How to find a great restaurant in Ajax?

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What to look for ro find the best restaurant in Ajax

Customer service and is the cornerstone of a great restaurant experience, but what does that mean exactly?

While each customer’s preferences are different, there are a few markers that standout restaurant experiences share in common.

We set out to define the factors that make for a great customer experience because ultimately that’s what generates positive online reviews, compels more diners to book online reservations and skyrockets your revenue per service.

What makes a great restaurant experience?
What consumers expect from a restaurant experience certainly varies depending on the restaurant type, but there are some fundamentals that separate the great restaurant experiences from the forgettable ones.


1. Friendly, personalized service
Guests want to feel human, not like a number that servers rush out the door to maximize profits.

The opportunity to deliver a human experience starts with your hosts and servers—they’re the ones that your guests will engage with as soon as they walk in and throughout their meal. Guests want sincerity and positivity; someone that’s as excited to serve them as they are to be enjoying a meal out.

How can you assure that this is the case? It starts during the hiring process.

Ray Camillo, CEO and Founder of Blue Orbit Restaurant Consulting, puts people applying for host and server positions through what he calls a “five-second likeability test”. It may seem like not very much time to pass judgment on someone’s character, but ultimately that’s how long it takes for a guest to decide whether or not the people serving them are likable.

Carrie Luxem, CEO of Restaurant HR Group, suggests exclusively hiring candidates with outgoing personalities, the ability to multitask, move at a fast pace and perform under pressure with a smile.

To do that, Luxem makes candidates a timed assembly test that simulates the pressure of a busy Friday night service.

“We’re testing for their ability to handle pressure gracefully.” If a candidate is too focused on the task at hand, they may not be able to balance interacting with guests and making them feel comfortable at the same time.

Tips for friendly, personalized service
While part of delivering friendly, personalized service comes down to your server and host’s personality, there are two simple, scientifically-backed things they can do to increase their likeability–and their ability to upsell and cross-sell menu items in the process.

Address guests by their name
It’s a simple tactic that makes your service more personalized and friendly. Plus, there’s science to back up the notion that when people hear their first name, it triggers a unique reaction in their brain.

According to a study published by the peer-reviewed journal Brain Research, hearing your first name triggers brain activity in the brain’s middle frontal cortex (which is associated with social behavior), the middle and superior temporal cortex (which is associated with long-term memory and auditory processing) and the cuneus (which is associated with visual processing).

Dale Carnegie, the author of How to Win Friends and Influence People, claims that remembering a person’s name is one of the six ways to make people like you. And when people like you, they’re more likely to listen to your suggestions (like when your server suggests a wine that pairs well with their dish, for instance).

Remembering and calling your guests by their name is the first step to delivering friendly, personable service. Plus, it can lead to more success in cross-selling and upselling menu items, which results in more revenue per table served.


2. Consistently great food
The food you serve is the cornerstone of your business and certainly influential to how guests perceive their restaurant experience.

Food quality can suffer when there’s a lack of emphasis on quality control or when there are miscommunications between guests, the server taking their order and kitchen staff preparing that order.

Your cooks should consistently evaluate the dishes they’re preparing to see if they have the flavor profile they want before it’s served.

Your food runners should verify each dish’s plating and presentation and make sure that it’s up to standards.

Empower each of your staff, from the cooks to the runners, to focus on food quality and presentation and to hold one another accountable. Each menu item that you serve shapes how guests perceive your establishment and their dining experience as a whole.

Presentation matters
The way your dish looks is proven to influence how good a guest thinks it tastes.

The findings from a study by Oxford gastrophysicist and professor Charles Spence suggest that food presentation can actually make a dish taste better.

In his study, Spence gave 60 people three salads and asked them to rate each one both before and after they ate them. Each salad used the same ingredients but they differed in their presentation.

One was put together with no effort given to its presentation, one was neatly arranged and the third was made to resemble a painting by artist Wassily Kandinsky.

Can you guess which of the three salads the study participants thought tasted better?

It was the salad that resembled the painting.

In fact, participants thought it tasted 29% better, even though it used the exact same ingredients. They were even willing to spend up to three times more on the beautifully-plated dish.

When food both looks and tastes good, your guests are bound to enjoy their restaurant experience more than if you didn’t focus on presentation at all. Based on the study findings, you could even increase the price of your menu items without scaring customers away.


3. An Instagrammable ambiance
From your color scheme to your furniture choices and lighting, your establishment’s aesthetic is an extension of its brand and a powerful way to generate interest in and drive traffic to your restaurant.

Instagram is a visual platform that 60% of its users use to discover products and places. You can attract guests by using the platform to show off your beautifully-plated dishes and trendy decor.

Located in the heart of Montreal’s Old Port, Tommy Cafe knows how to leverage their ambiance, decor and food presentation in their Instagram feed.


The right decor encourages people that discover your restaurant through Instagram to make a reservation, document their dining experience from the food to the decor and share it with their Instagram followers. This is what we call user-generated content (UGC), and it’s probably the most authentic type of marketing out there (in other words, it actually works).

You can even re-post the best-looking posts on your restaurant’s Instagram feed to drive more engagement. User-generated content posts receive 28% more engagement than other types of social posts, partly because they’re perceived as more authentic.

Part of why it’s perceived as more authentic is because it wasn’t created by the people who run the restaurant–it was created by the people. It’s an honest depiction of what other guests can expect if they dine at your establishment.

Include user-generated content to add social validation (also known as social proof) to your restaurant’s social media marketing mix.

How to find a memorable restaurant in Ajax

Memorable meals can make a day, but locating a good restaurant in ajax is not so tricky. To find the best tastes in a new town, follow these tips to know whom to ask and where to look. Bon appetit! Follow the tips in this article.

1. Plan ahead and book a culinary walking tour

Consider booking a culinary walking tour, becoming more and more popular in cities worldwide, for an early part of the trip. This is a great way to sample many dishes, get a lay of the land and then decide what places you’d want to come back to or what kind of regional foods you’d want to have again. Better yet, you’ll get to know your guide along the way, and you’ll be able to pick his or her brain for even more tailored recommendations. A popular stop in the Bay Area is guided excursions to Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto, my hometown of Chicago has several pizza tours (pace yourselves!), and in Europe organized outings range from sampling the snails of France to seafood and olives in Greece. For people traveling in countries in which they don’t speak or read the language, this can be a good introduction to menus — plus proper mealtime etiquette in that locale.


Photo from Flickr by Ian Ransley

2. Read local publications and posts from local food bloggers

Add some fun research to your trip planning by reading up before you go. A treasure trove of posts from local food bloggers and reporters is a quick Google search away, and the writers’ bread and butter is finding the hot spots and spilling secrets on the hidden gems. It’s easy to save all the addresses to a Google Map or print one out and highlight the intersections worth visiting. Some regional magazines or newspapers even have yearly dining lists that take a lot of the guesswork out of a visit.

3. Ask real people

Getting recommendations from the hotel concierge can be a decent fallback plan, but some of the best restaurant picks we’ve gotten are from other people we’ve met along the way in our travels. Cab drivers can be a wealth of knowledge of all-night eats, and employees at popular tourist spots could have a scoop on what’s good nearby for lunch (without the long lines or the high costs). And asking people you meet can be a good icebreaker for even more tips and suggestions for your visit. Before you go, you can post on Facebook and Twitter to see if anyone in your circle has must-visit spots to share as well. https://www.travelzoo.com/blog/8-tips-to-finding-a-good-restaurant-while-traveling-2/